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The Rev. Mariano Gargiulo, Rector

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Dear Saint James’ Parish Family and Friends:

Please allow me to share a story told by the writer and evangelist Dr. Arnold Prater:

A group of birds decided to form a church.

So they called a meeting and the duck stood up and said, "I think we should require baptism by immersion. It's the only way we can get their pocketbooks wet.”

But the rooster said, “no, we should baptize by sprinkling...many people dislike the embarrassment of getting wet all over."

So the argument went on.

But the parrot said, "I don't think baptism is the important thing… what we need is a good program!"

All the birds cheered, for every one knows that a church can't build a reputation for itself without a good rousing program.

Then the mockingbird said, "what about the choir? We must have a good choir….and don't forget the organ!"

"Oh," said the thrush, "we don't want an organ, a piano is much better!"

But the titmouse didn't want a musical instrument at all. And the sparrows said it would be just as well if they threw out music altogether.

The goose stood up and said, "what we really need is a preacher who is good with young people. If we don't attract the young people, the other churches in town will gobble them up for sure!"

But the starling thought it was more important that their preacher be a "good mixer."

And the bluejay figured if the preacher would lay off sin and stuff like that, almost anyone would do… as long as he was popular among the townsfolk.

But the real wrangle came over the budget. Some thought everyone should tithe… provided they could afford it. Others thought they should do away with collections…. and just have faith.

So finally the owl arose and smoothed his feathers.

Everyone grew quiet for they knew he had great wisdom.

Brothers and sisters," he said, "all these things are secondary. I'll tell you what we need. What we need is sincerity!"

"Yes sir," repeated the owl, quite pleased with himself. "Above everything, we must all be real sincere… even if we don't mean it!"

So they formed a church… and it was for the birds.

Let me assure you that St. James’ is not a church for the birds, but rather for you.

We are a community of believers and seekers who love God by caring for one another. The center and foundation of our community is the Word and the Sacraments, at which all are welcome! There is no litmus test, there are no caveats…ALL ARE WELCOME!

As you view our parish web site, I hope you see us as a community of people who are on a road, and are giving one another a helping hand. We are a community that is open and willing to grow.  So your presence here is not only welcome, but needed.

So please know that wherever you are on your journey of life, you are most welcome here at St. James’ Church.

In Christ’s Love,

Father Mariano  +